Member of Medical Artists Association (UK)

Member of Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques

Member of Association Medical Illustrators (USA)

Anne Corless
Founder & CEO of Tembo Graphics

Anne Corless founded Tembo Graphics to offer original design and illustration services in the specialist areas of medical, veterinary, zoological and life sciences.

Based in the UK, she is a Professional Member of the Medical Artists’ Association (UK) and a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner.  She is a Member of the Assocation Europeenes des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifiques, a Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA), Member of the Association of Illustrators (UK), Member of the Portrait Society of America and a Member of the Royal College of Midwives.

Artwork ranges from simple line work to complex highly detailed illustrations and can be produced using a variety of media ranging from simple pen and ink or watercolour to multi-layered digital artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite.   Anne’s love of Fine Art also informs her artwork and helps her produce exciting and dynamic artwork.

Anne enjoys using her artwork to help support her favourite charities.  In December 2013 Anne was honoured to be chosen by Artists for Conservation as the ‘Conservation Artist of the month‘.


Below: I was commissioned by Wellcome Images to produce a series of illustrations to show the variations of the human pelvis.  These illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator’s gradient mesh only.


Anne Corless Artist & Designer

I enjoy working in the Creative Arts as an Artist and Designer, Digital Artist, Illustrator and Writer. I also love doing Art Demonstrations and teaching Art Workshops!It is fun to be able to create art for different reasons.  I love the technical challenges of my work as an illustrator where I am often asked to visually represent complex technical information.  This requires a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and skills in a variety of art media from the traditional (pencil, charcoal, paints etc) to computer graphics.   I draw and paint every day; whether for exhibitions, gallery shows or on commission.   Working as a designer is a challenge I also enjoy as I help a client visualise and then realise their dream.  Writing is pure joy. My favourite subjects to draw and paint?  I love figurative artwork and painting portraits, I am passionate about my work as an animal and wildlife artist and I adore botanical art! 





A recent lovely recommendation of my artwork!:

“We needed some top quality medical illustrations for a high profile popular publication – and we needed it “yesterday”!  I still can’t believe our good fortune in finding Anne Corless!  She is an absolute delight to work with: gifted to the hilt, extremely knowledgeable and – most importantly – proactive.  She produced exactly what we needed, responding quickly and positively to every suggestion from our team.  The result is phenomenal.”

Gregory A. Barker, PhD Commissioning Editor, VoiceCouncil Magazine Editor, The Ultimate Guide for Singing.


Latest News!:AnneCorless_TheUltimateGuideToSinging_BEST_Digimark_WEB_2014
‘The Ultimate Guide To Singing’ has recently been published………and I am very, very honoured to have been asked to contribute my artwork to this wonderful book!
…..and I just love the video!:
Artwork created using my very favourite Adobe Illustrator (Gradient Mesh) with a tiny bit of Photoshop!

Latest News!:

‘Artist in Residence’ dates have now been released for 2014!

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Above:  Portrait in graphite pencil and charcoal on Bristol Board of David Wareing, Senior Partner, Hill Dickinson LLP who very kindly volunteered to sit for two portrait sessions. Completed at the second portrait sitting during the ‘Live.Art.Liverpool’ Charity Auction on 6th March 2014, the portrait was then auctioned with all proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust. The Mayor of Liverpool opened the Charity Auction, held at the end of a successful two week art exhibition of donated artwork. Thank you to the Live.Art.Liverpool Team from Hill Dickinson LLP for inviting me to take part!  


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