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Medical, Bio-Science and Scientific Illustration are a speciality

Traditional & Digital media

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Tembo Graphics is a creative art studio that offers art, design and illustration services to clients around the world. Medical, bio-sciences and scientific illustration are a speciality.

Our Services

Educational illustration

An anatomical commission for Wellcome Images to show differences between a male and female human pelvis.

Surgical technique illustration

Orthognathic surgery; 'fixation' of bilateral sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible

Biomedical illustation

Bespoke artwork to visualise medical conditions. This project was to show the differences between normal bone and bone affected by osteoporosis.

Editorial illustration

A series of surgical technique illustrations were commissioned for the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.
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Book illustration

Anatomical drawings seen here were commissioned for the ‘The Ultimate Guide To Singing’.
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Figurative Art

Figurative illustrations, seen here are three maxillofacial surgeons in theatre.

Medical product illustration

Maxillofacial surgical sequence; showing positional screws for fixation in LeFort 1 osteotomy.

Zoology illustrations

Zoology illustrations; seen here are two golden eagles studies alongside a skull and pecten of an owl.


To work collaboratively with clients to achieve dynamic art, illustration and design.

Specialist art & illustration

Anatomy Illustration

Measured anatomical drawing of the pelvis in charcoal and pastel pencil.

Ophthalmic Illustration

Cross section (lateral view) of the human eye created using Adobe Illustrator.

Zoology illustation

Watercolour painting of Golden Eagle painted from life and photographs.

Zoology (Equine) illustration

Equine head study and comparative anatomy in watercolour and charcoal.

Dental illustration

Drawing of the mandible in Adobe Illustrator for a project on orthognathic surgery.

Ornithology illustration

Measured anatomical painting in acrylic of an owl skull.

Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration; digital drawing of Kielland's forceps.

Obstetric illustration

Digital artwork of mechanics of labour showing the internal conjugates.

Maxillofacial illustration

Digital painting in Adobe Illustrator of Le Fort 1 osteotomy; first incision.

Paediatric illustration

Paediatric illustration; digital painting with Adobe Photoshop.

Vet illustration (Equine)

Acrylic painting of hoof dissection at Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK.
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Illustrated article

An article on drawing elephants for Leisure Painter magazine. Charcoal and pencil.

Obstetric illustration

The mechanics of labour; dilatation of the cervix in labour.


Portrait in oils, painted from life and photographs.

Zoology illustration

Digital drawing of dog skull created with Adobe Illustrator.
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Vet ophthalmology (Avian)

Avian Pecten Oculi study in watercolour.