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“We needed some top quality medical illustrations for a high profile popular publication – and we needed it “yesterday”! I still can’t believe our good fortune in finding Anne Corless! She is an absolute delight to work with: gifted to the hilt, extremely knowledgeable and – most importantly – proactive. She produced exactly what we needed, responding quickly and positively to every suggestion from our team. The result is phenomenal.” Editor Voice Council Magazine


“The collaboration with Anne was pragmatic and fruitful so that we achieved our common aim in a short period of time being providing sophisticated artwork for a scientific article or better a position paper of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery. Position papers are means to transport the official opinion of a scientific society to physicians who want to learn e.g. upon a new surgical technique. Words may not cover all details to explain pathologies as well as treatment strategies to the community and sophisticated artwork is needed. Thereby, Anne substantially helped to distribute the message regarding a new surgical technique among physicians around the world who are now additionally supported by a thorough and perceptive visual means of learning.”